Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya

Message From Director

Namaste to all the wonderful families in the Kathmandu Valley, It is my pleasure and honor to be reaching out to you from Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya, a school started with the belief that a good education is the key for the bright future of all children who want to make a substantial difference to the global village of today’s world, where concern for others and care for our planet cannot be neglected!

Started by classmates from our school days wanting to contribute something worthy to the community, with the moto ‘for peace and truth’ KV grew slowly but steadily through the tough decade of political conflict in the country. We now serve a community with students from diverse backgrounds, who have multiple talents and needs through an ever-enriching curriculum, based on the national curriculum, while embracing a progressive educational philosophy, that caters to the needs and growth of each child.

Over the years it has been most rewarding to see our students develop and flourish into capable individuals with their talents and personalities. This has been possible with the collaborative effort at all levels, within the school, as well as between the school and home and, with the wider community. The retrofitting of the school and the safety approach during the 2015 earthquake in the region, working through the Covid pandemic by changing to online classes and ensuring everyone became IT literate, are examples of full collaboration in our way forward, in these challenging times.

Thanks to the shared vision of KV’s all women Board Members, the tireless efforts of our young coordinators, the dedicated service of our caring teachers and staff, as well as the cooperation of our parents, who together have created an environment needed to bring forth the best of themselves for our students.

With this vision of a collaborative effort for quality education for each individual, we strove to serve our community and now to reach out further to share our experiences and values with the larger community of educators to make learning more meaningful and lifelong for a better world! 

May we always be guided and blessed by the Grace of the Almighty to make this world a peaceful and caring place.

 Ela Piya

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