Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya

Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya Kindergarten

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Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya Kindergarten

Kaasthamandap Vidhyalaya Kindergarten believes that learning through play, exploration, experimentation, interaction, creative construction and expression is crucial for a child’s development. This holistic approach encourages our students to become life-long learners.
Our curriculum focuses on engaging activities and lessons that are fun and allows our students to progress at their own pace.



Our Aim

  • Help children develop academic, behavioral, cognitive and social skills
  • Help children develop thinking and reasoning skills
  • Encourage children to become active learners
  • Nurture children’s curiosity
  • Promote joyful learning


About Us


Our Teachers

Ms.Prerana Pradhan
Ms.Sunita Shrestha
Ms.Selina Tuladhar
Ms.Lubna Malla Khand
Ms.Darpana Shrestha
Ms.Rasu Gurung


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