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KV Student Alumni Council

In 2012, the first batch of KV students graduated from grade 10. Since then, the KV Alumni community has grown into a network of over 700 students, now at 20+ destinations around the world. While all graduates are our alumni, the KV Student Alumni Council is the central body that oversees all student-alumni related activities.

First, register as a KV alumnus.

Our Founders

The SAC founders are students of the class of 2021, who studied at KV from grade 1 to 10.

Yugottam Koirala

High School Graduate

Ingshara Limbu

High School Graduate

Asmi Aryal

High School Graduate

Yugeshwor Koirala

High School Graduate


All interested students and alumni are given the opportunity to register, and selected students will be invited to join the council as members.

Programs conducted every Year

 - Alumni Day (held annually on the first saturday of August)

 - Orientation for building extracurriculars (grades 7 & 8)

 - Orientation for further studies (grades 9 & 10)

 - Orientation for further studies (A1 and A2)

Peer Counseling

KV Peer Counseling is led by the KV SAC. All KV students can write an email to [email protected] for scheduling a meeting with a peer counselor.

Our peer counselors are past students who are well equipped to discuss and help students with their academic and extracurricular career at KV.

The person goes through a personal and one-on-one interaction with one of the SAC members. The talks can range from a discussion about day to day life, likings, academic-related problems, thoughts and explorations, or emotional issues.


Upcoming Events

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